• birth and marriage certificates
  • notarial deeds
  • school certificates and university diplomas
  • powers of attorney
  • court judgments
  • invoices
  • car registration documents
  • sales contracts
  • statements of income
  • tax documentations
  • other documents needed for official purposes
I have been a certified English-Polish/Polish-English translator since 2005. I have been doing certified translations (also referred to as sworn translations) in the institutions of state authorities, such as: court, police, prosecutor's office, civil registry office, Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office, as well as in medical centres, banks or universities. As a certified translator I am a person of public trust - which means I am bound by professional secrecy. I specialize in translating official documents and providing certified copies of such documents. I also certify translations made by the third parties. A certified translator knowledge and skills are always verified - either in the process of the official state examination or, as it was before, by the president of the district court, which happened to be my case. Like every other certified translator, at the end of the translated text I put a formula in which I confirm the compliance of the translation with the original copy of the document; I enter a current date, a number under which the certified document appears in my repertory, I put my signature and stamp the document with an official seal. It contains the name of a certified translator, the language he or she is authorised to translate, as well as the number on the list of certified translators, which can be verified on the government list of translators here: